Statistics and Requirements.

Today was my first time being on the USC campus for official business. I was there for an Information Session for Prospective Transfer students. Before stepping on campus, I would say my level of confidence (of acceptance) was around 60%. That's an alriiight number.

It's a beautiful campus. The buildings and gardens all look nice and well maintained. I walk around the campus, in the slight rain, longer than I should because I got lost. My directions were based off a Parking structure I did not park in, and ONE water fountain. I walked by 5 different water fountains but eventually found the Admissions building. Every student was suited and booted in USC attire, pink and black beach cruisers were parked in neat rows aside every building. I saw one "D-Bo" looking ass nigga on a beach cruiser and assumed he plays basketball.
In front of the Admissions building was a cleaaaan ass, black Lotus. Just-clean as fuck! It looked pretty legit with the beads of rain drops bouncing off the slick paint.
The Admissions office smelled of rich coffee brewing and the hidden speakers were softly playing Regina Specktor. I waited in my leather seat for the tour to start at 3. Balding white guy sat next to me texting on his Blackberry.
I browse through the handouts and notice African Americans have the lowest enrollment at 7% and Hispanics at 12%. It's funny how an information packet can make you visualize your chances of acceptance declining as you read each word of statistics and requirements.
My level of confidence is at around 40% now.

I notice a female sit on the burgandy seat next to me. Ugg boots and those sexy-ass black leggings. She gets up and I notice her youthful stroll with a curvy body, hair highlights. Attractive. She dwiddles away on her Blackberry with a Lavender case, probably twittering/texting one of her girfriends about this attractive guy sitting next to her. Haha.
I want to know her name, her background, her goals-not because I want to get at her-but because I want to analyze her chances of acceptance. Maybe we're the same, maybe she's more competitive than me. Fuck it.
We walked through a driveway with Pruis', BMWs, and Acuras and I imagine parking my G-ride here. Security would catch a frenzy trying to yank my shit as quickly as possible!

The info sesh boosted my confidence to a cool 70%. I walk out with a cool state of mind telling myself what I've got to do and how much time I've got to be 100%. Being denied wouldn't be a failure to me, it'll just make me stronger and ready for Spring admission. February 1st is my deadline. And after that, March 15 is my focus. Occidental college is my Plan B.

Your boy is going to Major in "Biological Sciences", Minor in "Nonprofits, Philanthropy, and Volunteerism" and a professional focus in Pre-Pharmacy. Ya DIG!


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