You Think Abortion Is Wrong?

"Don’t have one. I think killing people is wrong, so I’m not in the army. My tax dollars still go to fund it, though (in fact about 21 cents of each of my tax dollars). My tax dollars also go to keep prisoners on death row even though I think the death penalty is morally wrong. My tax dollars fund Guantanamo and Bagram, extraordinary rendition, and Jim DeMint’s salary, all of which I find disgusting. So why is abortion, a legal medical procedure, so remarkably different that we have to go overboard making sure tax dollars don’t fund it?"

You know, MaryJane is about to be legal in California because of the revenue it will bring in through taxes and shit. I bet you Gay Marriage would be absolutely legal if the couples had to pay a tax just to make their marriage legal. Trust.


J.Ford said...

HAVE to comment on this one..

I have so many feelings about abortions that i dont know where to start.

I guess i start with stating that i am PRO abortion.

Alot of us were born by mistake)Our parents having unprotected sex). This in itself is not reason enough to justify an abortion, but what about the child or children of a rape victim?

All children born because of rape were obviously unexpected/unplanned for. MOST times this will put the child in a very unhealty or unsafe situation.

Lets say the woman raped was a prostitute..
Before her being raped, she was obviously hurting for money, otherwise she'd probably employed in a diff. profession. NOW she has a child to care for, increasing her necessity for money. So now shes grinding harder and turning more triccs than before.

Think about the life that child will live..

drugs, watching its mother take hits to the face, etc..

As a child, we tend to imitate alot of what we see our parents do. How likely do you think it is that the daughter of that hoe will become a prostitute herself? OR her some a pimp?

OR what about the teen girl who decides to carry the child through the pregnancy but immediately after birth she decides to drop it off in the dumpster??

OR lets say she has the baby but decides the put it up for adoption or into a foster home?? NOW the for some reason the no one wants to adopt this child. SO for 18yrs of its life he bounces around from foster home to foster home. Think of the physcological affect it will have on that child.

Ive known soo many cats that were in that same situation but ended up running away and joining gang because it was the closest theyve known to having a family. In most cases they end up dead or in jail, robbing YOU, shooting at YOU. OR raping some chick, end up getting her pregnant, AND THE CYCLE CONTINUES!

OR.. What about those families who have like 10 foster kids in there home NOT because the care and want to help, but because the get PAID!!!
and since they dont care about the child, they abuse and mistreate the child snd whatever else you can think of.

I could go on with this forever. ofcaorse these are some of the more extreme cases, but dont think this shit doesnt happen. Some people just should NOT be having kids. IMHO i think it is better to abort a child than to bring it up into a life of hell, or into a family which is not ready for it.

A better solution would be to make some sort of standardized test to find out wether or not a person is "FIT" to become a parent. like you hae to have some sort of lisence or permit. And anyone who has no permit but has a kid get jail time or a huge fine that goes to some sort fund that supports foster kids or orphans.

If niggas were threatend with fines or jail time, i bet everybody would be "strappin it up"!

J.Ford said...

ecxeus teh gmamer mkstaes!